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Make your job easier with Outlook. Reach out with contact groups distribution lists. Send or delete an email stuck in your outbox. Take calendars to the next level.

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Yes No. Thank you! Any more feedback? The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. In the column on the right, you see the received date, and above that a number of icons that indicate whether the email contains an attachment, which category the email is assigned to, reminders, importance tags, follow-up flags, and so on.

By the way, you can click a Follow Up flag to Mark as complete. A blue bar on the left indicates the email is unread. You can change the read status by clicking that area. Compact view was designed to show all the essential information about a message in a compact space. The Reading Pane goes away and the information spreads out horizontally in a Table view, with the fields of information in columns, and the messages in rows.

This was the default view in previous versions of Outlook. To go back to the compact view, click Change View and Compact. Let’s look at ways to customize this view. First, there is the Group Control, which lets you choose how to group messages in the list.

By default, messages are grouped by Date , but you can change that to From , for example. Now, the list is grouped and arranged alphabetically by the name of the Sender. You may want to group email this way to quickly locate emails sent by a particular person. Each group has a header that separates it from the next one. You can click the triangle next to a header to collapse the group to make the list easier to read. When you find what you are looking for, you can switch back to grouping By Date.

Another way to customize the view is with this button next to the Group Control, which changes the sort order of the list. Now, the list is sorted starting with the newest, but you can click the button to sort it in the opposite direction. Here, you can create categories and assign them to messages.

Then, if you want to quickly locate all the email in a category, you can click the Group Control and select Categories. If you use Follow Up flags, you can click the Group Control, and select Flag: Due Date to quickly see all the email with the flags due today. Up next, we’ll explore another way to group and view email messages by showing them as conversations. Related topics. Group and view email in your inbox. Group and view email in your inbox Video Show email as conversations Video Create a custom view Video.

Next: Import and export vCards to Outlook contacts. Related topics Group and view email in your inbox. Outlook training. Let’s look at a different view. Now, it is much easier to locate a sender. Let’s look at some other grouping options.


Why use Send/Receive groups? – Microsoft Support

Connect, communicate and collaborate on all your favorite devices. Upgrade your Outlook download by switching to Microsoft – and do more. Sort messages in Outlook by grouping them according to criteria such as date, sender, subject, attachments, or flags. Contact groups, or distribution lists, are a fast way to send a message to multiple email recipients, especially groups you repeatedly contact.


Microsoft outlook 2013 group email free download. Office 365でOutlookを使おう! 導入から設定の仕方まで


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Microsoft outlook 2013 group email free download

Add a distribution list received from someone else to your Contacts. Didn’t match my screen. Stay more connected and productive with Outlook mobile apps.